Beauduc Beach

In Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer, the Beauduc beach seduces young and old. Close to the town, this large sandy beach is an ideal stopover for swimming and relaxing.


An hour from Arles, sit on a wild beach and contemplate the sea as far as the eye can see. Sheltered from the noise of cars and away from the shops, Beauduc beach is an ode to tranquility, a true return to basics. Alone, a few 50s cabins line the beach.

From Les Salins-de-Giraud, the road to Beauduc is a real poetic interlude. The Vaccarès pond on one side, the salt marshes on the other… The damaged earth does not make the journey easy but brings a hint of adventure to the road. Between pink flamingos, reeds dancing in the wind, the earth cracked by the sun, the road to Beauduc is a real exotic escape.

Before arriving at Beauduc beach, keep your distance and observe the breeding ground of pink flamingos at the Étang du Figassier. A real spectacle is on offer: dozens and dozens of flamingos… Perhaps you will have the privilege of seeing them fly away. Only accompanied by a guide, you will be able to get close to this show.

Depending on the season, you might think you’re alone in the world. During your flight in the Camargue, leave your hotel in Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer and taste the happiness of time suspended during a stopover in Beauduc. Resourcing assured.


Practical information

  • Parking on the natural parking area located at the entrance to Beauduc
  • Possibility to practice surfing and kitesurfing
  • Swimming allowed but not supervised
  • The area around Beauduc belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral. It is requested to respect the landscape and ecological value of the site.